5 Great Tips to Get Dressed Like the Royals

The glamour of the Royal world is something that leaves everyone spellbound. The way they carry themselves and exhibit their style sets a standard for everyone. But while from far off these men and women look well-dressed, with their hair sleek and put together, the truth is that they do not do this alone. They have stylists who assist them every day and make them look the way they do. So, if you are planning to dress like the Royals this year’s costume party, then below are some tips collected by Do My Essay Reviews, which will surely help you out.

Wear either A Dress or Skirt

                The iconic looks of Royals is always a formal dress or a skirt. This makes it is more lady-like and adds a subtle look to your personality. A dress should be decent must not be too revealing, and your skirt and blouse should have a perfect length. It should neither be too long or too short, and you can alter them according to your height as the customs sizes might be a trouble. A hemline right below or above the knee is also quite elegant and can make your legs look slimmer.

Wearing Stockings

                Most of the Royals avoid dressing with bare legs. You must have a few pairs of pantyhose that are sheer and matching with your skin tone. Royals also keep an even skin tone of their legs while wearing a skirt or dress unless they are wearing a de rigueur black formal suit. So, a sheer black pantyhose is also a way to go; the main idea is to have flawless legs and even skin tone.

The Heels

                Royals have the perfect choice and selection of heels; it only rarely happens if the dress and heels of Royal ladies are not a match. It’s not like wearing the same or matching the colour of heels with the dress but to have a decent look. For Royals, the rule is that the heels should not be too high or overly fancy, but mostly simple and of one tone. Queens usually wear small pumps with a perfect heel which aligns her posture. Royals always wear pointed heels or block heels if the height of the heel is short. They never wear wedges or platforms.


                There is no look of Royals without accessories. They always wear a nice pair of studs, a bracelet, or a matching clutch. Jewellery and accessories are made to add charm to the look for ladies, so why not wear them. Royals often wear a nice pair of simple and small studs which brightens up their personality. The size of jewellery worn by Royals in casual looks is usually small and not too oversized, but with fancier outfits, they wear a heavy necklace. To have a fairly subtle look, ladies prefer carrying a clutch or top handle satchel bag rather than a handbag. This look seems more decent, but obviously, it can be difficult for you to fit all your things in a clutch for every use. 

Colour, Print and Pattern Code

                The clothes worn by Royal ladies are mostly one tone and does not have a pattern or print code. The choice of clothing by royal is commonly plain rather than a print or design. Throughout summer season Royal ladies are seen wearing polka dots and stripes, but the colour combination and print colour are mostly light or soft. In the case of Queen, she wears bright colours but mostly in the form of one tone plain blouse and skirt.


So, these are all five tips that you can adopt if you are inspired by Royal Ladies and want to look like them at the annual costume party. However, don’t forget to have your own style statement as well.